Long Term Lifetime Care & Estate Planning

Develop a strategy and plan to best enable clients to protect and preserve their hard-earned assets for themselves and their loved ones. This may include decisions on how best to pay for long term care, including Medicaid eligibility counseling, and the preparation and submission of Medicaid applications for both nursing home and at-home care.


Durable Power of Attorney

Perhaps the most important legal document most people DON’T have!!  A Durable Power Of Attorney allows a person to designate another person or people to handle his or her financial affairs, both now and/or in the event of incapacity.


Health Care Proxy

A Health Care Proxy allows a person to designate another person to make health care decisions on his or her behalf, but only when that person is incapable of doing so on their own.  In New York State, this document is totally separate from the durable Power of Attorney.


Heath Care Decision Instructions (‘Living Will”)

A Living Will allows a person to provide specific direction regarding life and death decisions in the event that an individual is incapable of making them on his own.  The Living Will supplements the Health Care Proxy.  It does not replace it.


Last Will & Testament

A Will is a document that directs the disposition of any assets of a decedent that do not pass outside your probate estate. [Note: Virtually any asset can pass outside your probate estate – i.e., NOT under your Will -- if planned for ahead of time]. A Will can be simple or complex depending on your needs.



There are many types of trusts. Some are relatively simple. Others are quite complex. Every type of trust can serve one or more purposes. In its simplest terms, however, a trust is a financial planning document that enables a person to plan for his or her own future needs during lifetime and/or for others both during and after his or her lifetime.


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